Salient Features of Starch Paste Kettle

  • cGMP construction with AISI 316L contact parts.
  • Hemispherical bowl with either steam, electrical or oil heating options.
  • Options available for with / without agitator.
  • Tilting provided for ease in unloading of final products.
  • Higher capacity models available without tilting but with bottom outlet.
  • Capacities available from 25 Ltrs. To 1500 Ltrs.
  • Starch Paste Kettle is used for preparation of Starch Paste. Hemispherical shape ensures that the Heating of the Starch Paste is Uniform & gets more surface area. The tilting type arrangement ensures ease in unloading the paste into any container or vessel.

The Starch Is put in the kettle and water is added till desired thickness is achieved. The Kettle is jacketed & is heated till the starch melts a thick paste is achieved.

Starch Paste Kettle - cGMP Hemispherical Starch Paste Kettle