Pharma & Cosmetic Machines – Planetary Mixer, Ointment Manufacturing Plant, Contra Rotary Mixer, Syrup Plant

Our Pharma & Cosmetic section includes planetary mixer, ointment manufacturing plant, contra rotary mixture, and Syrup Plant. These machineries are widely been used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry in order to achieve uniform mixing and processing during the several stages of production. As such the production process is related to human consumption or application, they are been framed with best quality material and accurate GMP standards.

Planetary Mixer

Planetary Mixer is used for mixing of different products having different viscosity and proportion. It is been used in different industries for uniform mixing of powders, lotions, creams and other compounds. This planetary mixer consists of double or single blade that gives homogenous mixing of products.

Ointment Manufacturing Plant

Ointment manufacturing plant is widely been used in pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries for manufacturing of creams, ointments, toothpaste etc.  We offer this manufacturing ointment plant to meet the quality standard that gives trouble free operation & high performance.

Contra Rotary Mixture

Contra Rotary Mixture is consists of double contra rotary blades that are used for uniform mixing of materials. This mixture is used in industries like pharmaceutical, cosmetic etc. so as to create a mixing while manufacturing of cream, lotions, ointments etc.

Syrup Plant

Syrup manufacturing plants are considered as ideal tools for the production of oral liquids in the pharmaceutical and food industry. It is also preferred for mixing and homogenizing of syrup & suspensions.