Chemical Reactor, Receiver Tank, Heat Exchanger, Storage Tank, Autoclave, Distillation Column

Nisha Engineering is a manufacturer and exporter of different reactors and other equipment used in chemical industry. Our machineries of chemical section include reactors, receiver, heat exchanger, storage tank, autoclave processing equipment distillation column etc.

Chemical Reactors

Reactor or Chemical Reactor is equipment used in industries for heat transfer, mass transfer, diffusion and frictions with safety controls. This reactor is considered as the heart of the chemical processes.

Distillation Column

Distillation Column is separation equipment used in industry that is used separate component mixtures like binary or multi-component mixtures. Distillation is generally carries out in continuous batch system and is common liquid separation process.

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger that transfer heat by conduction through the exchanger materials from one medium to another. They are used in industries like mining, hydraulic and industrial process, power generation etc.  To select a heat exchanger one must know circuit fluid type, temperature and flow rate. Get the superior quality heat exchange from us.

Receiver Tank

Receivers are used in industries to store solvents, chemicals and various other liquids in small quantities. They are available in different shapes and capacities depending upon the requirement of the client. The receivers are generally been used in industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing biotechnology etc.

Storage Tank

Storage tanks are used in industries that are used to store organic liquids, non-organic liquids, and vapors. It is generally been used by industries like oil, petroleum, chemical, petro-chemical etc. Our storage tanks are available in different sizes in order to store the material as per your requirements.